Join The Dark Adorable Side With This Star Wars Art

| 23 Sep 2011 17:45

What could be more adorable than Darth Vader frying robots with a magnifying glass? How About Boba Fett with a Han-Solo-In-Carbonite balloon?

Kid-friendly Star Wars artwork is a bit of a niche style in the greater fan art genre. That said, when it's done right, it's absolutely brilliant. Remember that delightful Winnie The Pooh-themed Star Wars art that popped up on the Web last year? Now there's a series of Star Wars art featuring some of Hollywood's most iconic villains engaged in childhood activities and ... well, as you can see, Star Wars has never looked cuter.

Etsy seller The Octopus Tree House has a series of four prints starring Star Wars villains: Vader (frying a mouse droid with a magnifying glass), Jabba (eating an ice cream cone while holding a stuffed Leia doll), Boba (playing with a bubble gun and carrying around a balloon of Han Solo stuck in carbonite), and a Tusken Raider (who apparently just smashed a bantha piƱata) are all represented here. Each image is incredibly cute and clever, but I think we're all a little disappointed that Emperor Palpatine, General Grievous, and Darth Maul aren't on display here, too.

The various prints are selling for $20 individually, or customers can buy all four for $75. Aside from these Star Wars prints, the store features a couple of other illustrations for sale that would look great adorning the wall of any young (or fully-grown) geek's bedroom.

Source: The Octopus Tree House via Geeks Are Sexy

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