Analyst: 360's Focus on Entertainment Means Fewer Exclusives

| 9 Jan 2012 22:10

One market analyst reckons Microsoft's focus on turning the Xbox 360 into a "media center" explains the console's lack of exclusives.

We've all heard this one; it's an argument that comes up in every single one of those banal "X console is better" discussions that litter the internet. The 360 is lagging behind when it comes to quality exclusives. At least when it comes to disk-based titles.

David Cole, founder and president of marketing research and consulting outfit DFC intelligence, reckons the perceived dearth of exclusives is due to Microsoft's focus on promoting social networking and non-gaming media.

"The Xbox 360 has had strong sales given it launched way back in 2005. Microsoft seems to finally be doing a decent job of making the Xbox 360 a true media center. However, 2012 looks to be a crossroad year for Microsoft," he wrote in a feature on IndustryGamers. "Gamers are clamoring for not just more games but word about a new system. Meanwhile, it looks like Xbox 360 game exclusives are becoming fewer as Microsoft focuses on applications other than games."

I'd wager Microsoft's somewhat demanding policies regarding exclusives don't help either.

Cole also spoke briefly about the Kinect. While the device has sold well, to say the least, he's unsure whether or not people are actually using it to play games rather than, say, give people tits or guide the blind.

"The Kinect may have sold well but we wonder if people are really using the device," he writes. "Now that Microsoft has sold a lot of systems they need to ensure that their users actually have fun playing with those systems if they want them to stick with the Xbox brand for the long haul."

Source: IndustryGamers

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