PlayStation Vita Already Getting New Features

| 6 Feb 2012 15:16

A new firmware update dropping in Japan this week adds GPS, video recording, and more.

The PlayStation Vita has yet to officially leave Japanese shores, but that hasn't stopped Sony from adding some interesting upgrades to the handheld before its U.S. release on February 22nd. Beginning February 8th, Vita owners can look forward to some major new functionality on the console, including a map app with GPS tracking, a video capture mode, and OSX support for Mac users.

The new map app (or as I will call it, the "mapplication") will appear on your home screen and, on command, display your positional data on a map. Much like Google Maps, users will be able to switch between normal and satellite mode. The app can also help with directions (walking or driving) and provide certain details about your current location.

The Vita's camera functionality has gotten an upgrade, too. The handheld device can now capture video, while earlier restricted to taking nothing but still images.

There's also some good news for Apple fans. The Vita will finally be able to interface with Macs through a new OSX version of its Content Management Assistant. This will grant Mac users the ability to transfer data between their console and home computer, a function previously restricted to PCs.

I think it's great that Sony is striving to add additional features to its newest device, and its probably a necessity with the Vita's low sales in Japan and a terrible previous financial quarter for Sony now looming over the impending US launch. How about you, Escapists? Do any of these new features make you want a Vita any more than you already did (or didn't)?

Source: Andriasang

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