Amnesia Studio Teases a New Game

| 10 Feb 2012 15:20

Frictional Games, the studio that inflicted Amnesia: The Dark Descent upon the world, is up to something new.

In the mood for some fun? Look up some Amnesia: The Dark Descent reaction videos on YouTube. In the mood for some totally-not-fun, "oh God oh God I'm going to die" horrific experiences that will scar you for life? Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent yourself, ideally in a dark room with the volume turned up. Unlike most "scary" videogames, Amnesia doesn't go for the JUMP OUT AT YOU startles; it's a slow, creeping, relentlessly grinding slide into dread, abomination and horror. It's just about the most awful thing you can do to yourself with a videogame.

And now there's more! More of what, exactly, isn't clear but if you head over to you'll see that something is up: the Amnesia logo, specifically, and "Something is emerging" laid over a too-blurry-to-be-useful image. A /whois reveals that the domain is registered to Frictional Games HB, so it doesn't appear to be a fake, and the page source says, "Welcome to the next frictional game site, a site with information about our game projects in development. We use this site to post content about a project in development, during the period it does not have a final name decided."

Also rather odd is that the image on the page links to a Google map of China. What could it mean?

Nothing good, I'm sure. Frictional's previous effort was the Penumbra trilogy, a well-regarded horror game in its own right. Given how far forward the studio moved from Penumbra to Amnesia, I have serious concerns that its next game will end up killing people.

via: Video Game Writers

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