Take The Escapist's 2012 April Fools Day Quiz!

| 2 Apr 2012 09:00

How many of these jokes and riddles can you solve?

Yes, technically we're a day late on April Fools Day, but as a wise man once said, "In a race between a rock and a pig, don't varnish your clams."

And don't be worried if that doesn't make any sense, because we're not sure what that means either. However! In honor of April 1st, we've put together a quiz full of classic riddles, jokes and brain teasers for you to solve. Think you know the real reason the chicken crossed the road? Or the answer to the Sphinx's riddle? Take the quiz and find out!

Take the Quiz!

You'll have as long as you like to take the quiz, and can retake it until you get 100%. Just remember your cumulative time will affect your position on the leaderboard.

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