Bungie Bids Halo Farewell with Touching Infographic

| 2 Apr 2012 14:43

As a planet, we've spent 235,000 years playing Halo online since 2004. Go us?

Everybody knows how they like their Halo (I take mine with a nice red and some mindless dance music, thanks for asking). As a franchise, it still stands as one of the biggest and most recognisable staples of games to appear in the past ten years. Development studio Bungie oversaw both the single- and multi-player aspects of the games until very recently, when 343 Industries took over the franchise and Bungie began the process of winding down its involvement in the games' online functions.

Now, the time has come for Bungie to stop tracking online data gathered during the hundreds of millions of Halo games people play every week. To send its online committment off in style at the same time as thanking fans for spending so much time with the games, Bungie released the (massive) infographic lurking at the bottom of this page as a little thank-you for all the years of terrible driving and failed coup attempts its developers have witnessed online in Halo.

Kill counts, as seen below, are in the tens of billions in most cases; as a collective, Halo players have logged hundreds of thousands of hours online together.

A note at the bottom of the infographic reads: "According to our data, in the collective time you've spent playing Halo you could have travelled across the expanse of the Milky Way at light speed...and back."

"Thank you for being the brightest stars in our galaxy. Thank you for making your community home these many years. See you starside," concludes the note.

C'mon, all together now: Awwwwww! Such sweetness at the end of a note describing the literal billions of in-game deaths, lacerations, explosions, and all-too-sudden sneaky energy sword insta-kills many of us know all too well. Touching, really.


Source: CVG

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