Maximilian Examines The Long-Awaited Street Fighter X Tekken Patch

| 10 Apr 2012 15:10

Originally I was going to detail today's wildly necessary update for Street Fighter X Tekken, but then I realized that Maximilian already did the work for me.

Unfamiliar with Maximilian? That's unfortunate. For the past year or so, he's made a name for himself in the fighting game community by writing, producing and starring in a series of surprisingly funny, always informative videos focusing on Capcom's Marvel Vs Capcom 3 games. He was so good at this and attracted such a strong audience that Capcom sorta unofficially tapped him to be some kind of information broker for the fighting game community, and while I doubt he's pulling down a huge salary, the man now commands a nice level of internal access that makes his videos indispensably valuable to any fans of Capcom's fighters.

Hence why my ego suggested that in lieu of writing up a blurb on this morning's Street Fighter X Tekken patch, that I instead introduce you to the short vignette Maximilian created detailing how successful Capcom was at fixing the game's various issues. Specifically: The gem system and that bizarre audio lag when playing online.

In short, this new patch amends both issues, and should be welcome relief for all fans of the game. The longer version however, is slightly more complicated. Though the patch does fix things, the game remains a bit unwieldy in places. Selecting gem loadouts before fights, for example.

But again, this is Maximilian's show and he does a far more comprehensive job of explaining the game's new quirks than I could. Watch the clip at top-right, download the patch and see what you think. It's all free, so consider this a really lame early birthday present.

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