Achieve Poniosity with New Tee Shirt

| 23 May 2012 10:18

Emblazon your chest with a brony badge of friendship.

Ponies are magic. It is known, khaleesi. Now you can achieve the highest level of poniosity goodness by proudly wearing your heart on your sleeve and a pony held up by rainbows on your chest. This tee shirt was designed by our very own artists as a celebration of all the things ponies have brought us over the years: companionship, love, transportation. The Poniosity shirt is now in stock in all sizes. Grab yours today.

There's also a chance to rake in some sweet Space Janitors swag. What better way to show your support of the evil regime of the galactic Empire than to wear a shirt denoting your rank as a lowly, but vital, janitor? You can also warn passing aliens that the floors are slippery when wet.

Perhaps the best part of all this new stuff is the fact you can get it all at a discount if you're a member of our Publisher's Club. All Pub Club members can enter a code to receive 10 percent off all the great stuff in The Escapist store. There's imps battling with lightsabers, Imp plush dolls (in his and her varieties) and tee shirts covered with Yahtzee's thought bullets.

Check out the whole Escapist store here.

At $20 per year of membership, the Pub Club will quickly pay for itself and you'll be treated to ad-free viewing of the website, high quality videos and much, much more.

Join Pub Club today for $20 and get your Poniosity shirt!

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