Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer Resurrects Dead Cast

| 15 Jun 2012 14:16

Not just zombies come back to life in latest Resident Evil flick.

Resident Evil movies are a bit like death and taxes - inevitable - but this time out, Death gives up several of its victims. Carlos (played by Oded Fehr), who snuffed it heroically a couple movies back, has returned as Alice's hubby. Alice, meanwhile, is a hausfrau, busy in the kitchen, taking care of husband and daughter with no idea that zombies even exist. At least, no idea until they start chomping on Carlos. Again. Maybe he should think about changing his deodorant? That BBQ-fresh scent really doesn't seem to be doing it for him. He isn't the only one to make a comeback from beyond the veil, but he's the only one Alice slaps on the butt, the lucky stiff.

The trailer starts in a Prisoner-esque kind of way. Alice wakes up in a perfect little dream world, with the kid and the husband and the yadda yadda - what, no dog? Someone slipped up there - before undead naughtiness ensues. She really ought to have put some sunflowers out in the front garden; everyone knows you need at least one row of those, and preferably two, to keep your brains safe. Speaking of brains, there's meant to be a mind-blowing revelation in there somewhere, which will change the way - and so on, and forth. The countdown has begun!

Movie hype aside, this one looks like trashy fun, and will probably sell a lot of popcorn. Plus, Alice gets to travel across the globe in search of Umbrella's big bads, so there's a little Bond in there too, along with the Prisoner. Bringing back old favorites is sure to please fans who thought that the tough merc from the first movie was fun to watch, or who just like the look of Carlos. Plus, there's Jovovich beating on the undead and Umbrella with equal glee, which is half the corny fun of the franchise. This is probably the one to watch, if you've ever thought 'why did they kill that character off?' The answer is, they didn't.

Source: Kotaku

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