Valve Rejects Mutant Mudds For Steam Distribution

| 25 Jun 2012 11:56

Valve distribution scheme too arcane for Mutant Mudds.

It's official (or at least as official as a Twitter post gets): Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham, one of the brains behind dimensionally-challenging platformer Mutant Mudds, has confirmed that its game will not be distributed via Steam. "Apparently, 'Steam is not a good fit for distribution,' when it comes to Mutant Mudds," Watsham Tweeted, dashing any hopes gamers may have had of sending Max out to slaughter mud men on their PC.

There's really no way to know why Valve rejected Mutant Mudds. It's a handheld port, granted, but so are several other games currently on Steam. Mutant Mudds certainly got critics raving and is currently the 9th highest rated game on Nintendo's 3DS, so it can't be lack of Metacritic success. Valve claims to be working on making its distribution process less arcane, but for the moment a Ouija board is as reasonable a means as any of determining the likelihood of Valve's taking an indie game on board.

No word yet as to what the Mutant Mudds team will do next. There are other distribution sites out there - notably GOG and Gamersgate - so with any luck Renegade Kid will find a home for Max and the mud men soon.

Source: Eurogamer, IndieGame Magazine

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