Far Cry 3 Delayed

| 25 Jun 2012 15:21

It's going to take a few months longer than expected to get Far Cry 3 out the door.

Ubisoft and delayed games go together like PCs and piracy, so it shouldn't come as much of a shock to anyone that Far Cry 3 has been pushed back a few months. Why? To make it even more awesome, apparently.

"To give you more action and insanity, FarCry3 will now be released November 29th in Europe & December 4 in North America," the publisher announced on the Far Cry Twitter account. "To make sure we deliver the best experience possible, the development team has been given more time."

"A rushed game remains bad forever," it added. "Thank you for understanding."

The delay will apparently not affect the timing of the beta, however, although details about how that will be handled won't be revealed for awhile yet. Ubisoft also provided some hope for North American gamers interested in the "Insane Edition," revealed in May, tweeting, "The SE version is only available in Europe at the moment," the "at the moment" part at the end being the hopefully-relevant bit. DLC plans are also still being finalized.

Far Cry 3 was originally scheduled to come out on September 4 in North America and September 6 in Europe. To clarify for the benefit of those familiar with the ways of Ubisoft, this affects all versions of the game and not just the PC release.

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