Gorgeous Grand Theft Auto Mod Gets Final Release

| 18 Jul 2012 16:21

The final version of the stunning iCEnhancer graphics mod for Grand Theft Auto IV is now available.

iCEnhancer is a remarkable mod for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV, a game that was never a stand-out beauty, even when it was fresh and new - which, by the way, was four years ago. (Yes, I know. Four freakin' years.) This mod changes all that, dramatically, and now the creator has released what he calls "the final version" as he moves on to work on other games like Minecraft and Skyrim.

iCEnhancer is on display in all its glory in the final release video, and it is a ridiculously sexy beast. Getting it installed might be a little bit tricky for the non-savvy and the mod apparently still only works properly with the version of the game, meaning that Steam users will have to manually downgrade from the latest version. Despite this being the final release, an installer and configuration tool are promised for "later"; in the meantime, odds are that if you're still playing GTA4, you're probably hardcore enough to figure it out and get the job done.

Tricky or not, the results speak for themselves. This mod is nothing short of amazing, and after watching the video I can't imagine playing GTA4 without it. Hell, I'm thinking about reinstalling it just to give this thing a go. On a semi-related note, iCEnhancer creator Mayssam Keilany is now taking votes on what game he should turn his considerable talents to next. To cast your ballot, and of course to snag a copy of the iCEnhancer mod, head over to

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