Fourth Playable Character Confirmed for Resident Evil 6

| 2 Aug 2012 13:59

A fan favorite antihero returns; but whose side is she on?

There's new gameplay footage out for one of the more notorious Resident Evil 6 characters, confirming that Ada Wong - antihero agent first introduced in Resident Evil 2 - is playable. To get to her campaign players will need to complete Leon, Chris and Jake's stories first but, once you do, her missions will answer some questions raised in the previous chapters.

"One of the themes of Ada's story is 'a lone spy working in secret," said producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, and that means Ada will be working from the shadows in a slightly more stealth-and-tactics focused version of the game. Though she does pick up partners along the way, Hirabayashi hints that "depending on how you look at it, Ada may just be using them." Ada has her own objectives, and if she has to use partners to get them done, that's fine by her.

There are also vague hints of a PvP mode in addition to the player-controlled zombies mentioned previously, but no PvP details as yet. Resident Evil 6 is scheduled for an October 2012 release for PS3 and Xbox, later for PC. A playable demo is supposed to be released for Xbox and PS3 in early September.

Source: Kotaku

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