Joe Danger: The Movie Trailer Shows Off Vehicle Variety

| 10 Aug 2012 10:27

How does developer Hello Games top the wacky motorbiking action of 2010 downloadable title Joe Danger? By adding 100 new levels, a level creator, multiplayer, and plenty of destruction. The new trailer for Joe Danger: The Movie shows a lot of variety in the environments and vehicles used, something that was lacking in its predecessor.

Some of the elements in this trailer, particularly new vehicles like skis and ATVs, were previewed in the game's E3 demo several months ago. The video also features dinosaurs, giant robots, multiplayer racing, and the level creator, making the zany environments of the first Joe Danger look tame by comparison.

Joe Danger: The Movie still doesn't have a firm release date, but the trailer indicates that it will be out later this year. Hello Games stated at E3 that unlike its multiplatform predecessor, the sequel will be an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive.

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