Capcom Reworks Cyberpunk Adrift as Remember Me

| 14 Aug 2012 10:30

In this futurist thriller, you'll never tell the difference between what you remember and what others implanted in your mind.

You may not have heard of Dontnod Entertainment; it's very new, and Remember Me is its first project. However judging by the trailer it released at Cologne's Gamescom, it intends to make a good first impression. It's working with Capcom on this one, which has reskinned its property formerly known as Adrift to create this new cyberpunk thriller.

You'll play as Nilin, a memory hunter who lives in a world where snippets from people's lives are bought and sold like cheap trinkets. In this world, as Nilin says in the trailer, "there are no secrets any more." Well, there's at least one; for the hunter soon becomes the hunted. "When her own memory is erased," according to the press release, "Nilin begins her journey to reclaim her identity and discover how she can change the world." There'll be plenty of martial arts mayhem along the way, set against a beautiful futuristic Parisian backdrop.

The game is scheduled for a May 2013 release, for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. For those wanting a few screenshots, Dontnod has kindly released some via Facebook.

Sources: Dontnod, Kotaku

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