Kickstarted Shooter Ravaged Bags a Publisher

| 28 Aug 2012 11:43

Reverb Publishing snapped up 2 Dawn Games' shooter after its Kickstarter did brilliantly.

There's an art to Kickstarter, but while most think of crowdfunding as a means to get money Reverb Publishing seems to see it as a means of sniffing out new talent. 2 Dawn Games - makers of post-apocalypse multiplayer PC shooter Ravaged - managed to raise $38,768 when it was only looking for $15,000. 2 Dawn Games claimed in its Kickstarter that it wanted "to make a fun game without publisher restrictions," but soon after its Kickstarter success Reverb Publishing came in with an offer. 2 Dawn Games accepted, and is very pleased with the result.

"Partnering with Reverb Publishing is a defining moment for us," said Boris Ustaev, 2 Dawn Games project lead. "Reverb's model of supporting digital video game developers provides us with a full menu of production, marketing, public relations, and business development support, allowing us to focus 100 percent of our time on making the best game possible." Their next port of call is PAX Prime - booth #3340 - where Ravaged will get a public showing.

Ravaged is co-op gun fun, Resistance versus Scavengers squabbling over resources in a world that natural disasters ravaged. Ground and air assault is available, as the game's five unique classes battle it out over dried-dust ocean floors and frozen cityscapes. Up to 64 players can be present in any one battle, but some of the maps are intended for smaller group play for those close-and-personal combat situations.

Reverb's business model is its selling point; rather than muscle in on the development side, they offer production support, QA support, marketing and PR. Essentially they cover all the non-developmental bases so the people making the game can concentrate on what they do best. "Developers are absolutely capable of creating a phenomenal game without a publisher," says Reverb, "but far too many times these games don't get noticed because developers shy away from the publishers and look to handle the launch of their games without the proper launch programs." That's the scenario that Reverb wants to help 2 Dawn Games avoid.

Ravaged is in beta at the moment.

Source: Joystiq

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