Storm Legion Set to Expand Rift Threefold

| 5 Sep 2012 12:05

An increased level cap, new game mode, and two huge continents highlight Rift's first expansion pack.


Later this year, Rift is slated to receive its first expansion pack, arriving just short of its two-year anniversary. Launching on November 13th (dodging around Warcraft's 400-pound Panda in the room), Storm Legion plans to bring both expected upgrades and surprising new features to the world of Telara.

Along with the traditional increased level cap (to 60), Storm Legion will also bring player housing, four new classes, and for the first time, cloaks. Meanwhile, all of this will take place on two enormous new continents. How enormous, you ask? Well, enormous enough to triple Rift's total landmass.

Those new zones won't go to waste if developer Trion has anything to say about it. Storm Legion will also feature seven new dungeons, three new raids, and a new Chronicle dungeon for 1-2 players. The perhaps most interesting change that Storm Legion will bring is the "Join the Hunt" mode, which will pit players against waves of "increasingly-challenging planar bosses".

The standard edition will cost $39.99, while the exclusive-laden Infinity Edition will set players back $59.99. Alternatively, any players who sign up for an annual subscription will get Storm Legion as a free bonus.

Source: Trion Worlds

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