Spend a Day in Inaba With New Persona 4 Golden Screens

| 7 Sep 2012 10:18

Atlus shows off the eateries and hangout spots of Persona 4 Golden.

Atlus has released nine new screenshots for upcoming Vita RPG Persona 4 Golden, in which we get a glimpse at a day in the life of the game's protagonist. From morning classes to Inaba after dark, there's no shortage of activities for these teenage characters--when they're not fighting monsters in the Midnight Channel, of course.

What makes the Persona games so interesting is that they require a balance between day and night, the real world and the demon world, socializing and dungeon crawling. These images show players that there's more to do than explore dungeons and fight monsters, and taking advantage of all the activities and friendships available only enhances the player's fighting ability.

Persona 4 Golden still doesn't have a hard release date, but we can expect it out for the PlayStation Vita later this year.

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