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| 27 Nov 2012 00:15

Almost 90% of's catalog is compatible with Microsoft's latest operating system.

Windows 8 didn't really get a lot of support from the game developer community prior to launch. The operating system was panned by everyone from Gabe Newell to Notch, thanks to a closed certification system predicted to create significant hurdles for game creators everywhere. Apparently nobody passed this information on to the people behind, who immediately started retesting its back catalog as soon as Windows 8 hit the market. The classic gaming service has not only announced that it will officially support Windows 8, but that 431 of its 486 games are already compatible with the new operating system.

According to an announcement posted on, the majority of the master builds didn't even require a great deal of tweaking to implement Windows 8 support. "Note that most of these have not had the master builds updated, so you shouldn't need to redownload the installer or anything," the announcement reads. "We'll also be adding more Windows 8 games as time goes by and we've got time to apply some fixes to more of the classic games in the catalog."

Baldur's Gate, Fallout, and even most of the Zork games have made the transition, compared to roughly 70 games currently available on iOS. In fact, notes that it would be faster to list the games that don't support Windows 8 than to list compatible titles. Supported titles still operate outside of Microsoft's certification process, which means players won't have access to certain Windows features. That said, I expect gamers who upgraded to Windows 8 will just be happy some favorite titles can follow them to the new operating system.

Source:, via Eurogamer

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