Yahtzee Judges Your Creations in Indie Speed Run

| 28 Nov 2012 15:10

Indie Speed Run will pit teams of students, amateurs, and professionals against each other in a 48-hour bid to create the best videogame.

The panel of judges for the inaugural Indie Speed Run is something of a who's who for indie development. Featuring The Escapist's own Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw alongside Markus "Notch" Persson of Minecraft fame with Ron Gilbert, Trent Oster, Jason Rohrer, Vander Caballero, Kellee Santiago, and Dino Patti rounding out the roster of judges. It's an impressive list, to be sure, and if anybody is going to be able to pick out a real gem from the entries, this is the gang to do it.

"We've always loved the innovation and creativity that comes out of game jams," said Michael Kayatta, co-founder of Indie Speed Run, "but it's hard asking people from around the world to be in the same place on the same day. That's why we made Indie Speed Run exclusively online, with a 48-hour countdown timer that can be started at a time that works for the developer, not just the jam. We also wanted to reward creators by putting their work in front of the industry's top minds, and incentivize them with money can be used to further develop their ideas."

With The Escapist as the Presenting Partner, Indie Speed Run is an international, online Game Jam, where developers from all walks of life will have 48 hours to create the best game possible. Indie Speed Run kicked off today, and the entries will be accepted until January 6, 2013. After all submissions have been received, there will be a Free Play and Judging period through the end of January, with the winner being announced in February, and the first place team taking home a $2,500 prize. During the Free Play and Judging period, you'll be able to check out some of the judging process as well as play the games for yourself right here, exclusively on The Escapist. Keep an eye out for more information on that come January, and maybe you can find your own diamond in the rough.

As an added bonus for any enterprising Publisher's Club members, we're also pleased to offer discount codes for 50% off of the $25 entry fee for the Jam. Keep an eye on your PMs for more information on that, and, to anybody bold enough to take the challenge, I wish you the best of luck.

Source: Indie Speed Run

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