New The Cave Trailer Shows Off Characters, Release Date

| 30 Nov 2012 15:58

Ron Gilbert's next game will launch in January.

Game designer Ron Gilbert is no stranger to adventure games, having created some of the most memorable title of the point-and-click glory days of the 1990s, like The Secret of Monkey Island. In 2010, Gilbert teamed up with fellow LucasArts alum Tim Schafer at Schafer's Double Fine studio, later revealing that it was so he could create The Cave, a downloadable adventure game to be distributed by Sega in early 2013.

To introduce the misfit cast of characters you'll use to explore the mysterious, titular talking cave, Sega released a new trailer that shows off the game's humor, exploration, and violence. The Cave certainly doesn't look like any of the classic adventure games of yore, but we do get to see some of the puzzle-solving that will make up a lot of the gameplay, as well as what each character brings to the table.

What I like most is that the concept of seven playable characters with distinctly different personalities and skill sets is reminiscent of Gilbert's first game, Maniac Mansion (although even a murderous monk can't beat the gratuitous violence of microwaving rodents). Susan Arendt named The Cave one of her five favorite games of E3 2012, though it remains to be seen if the full game will live up to the demo's potential. We'll find out more about what's going on in that cave when the game comes to the PC, XBLA, PS3, and Wii U in January 2013.

Source: Grumpy Gamer

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