Mike Capps Resigns From Epic Games

| 4 Dec 2012 16:40

After some foreshadowing on Twitter, Capps confirmed that he's leaving the Presidency of Epic behind.

Mike Capps, President of Epic Games, has officially tendered his resignation. Take a moment to let that sink in. Capps, who celebrated 10 years with Epic earlier this year, tweeted just this morning teasing the announcement.

In his announcement, Capps says, "After 10 crazy and wonderful years, I'm handing off my current presidential duties at Epic, and transitioning into an advisory role as well as remaining on the Epic board of directors." So, at the very least, he'll still have his fingers in the pie in some capacity, though obviously to a much lesser extent than before. With some emotion attached to it, he also says, "After dedicating a decade of my life to Epic, and with so many close friends here, it's impossible to just walk away." But then, with "a baby boy on the way," Capps is looking to "be a stay at home dad for a while."

Beyond this sentiment, Capps also states in his announcement, "I might do some teaching, spend more time on creative writing, and maybe get more active with a few charities." With a baby on the way, sitting on the board of the ESA, AIAS, and now Epic, as well as picking up teaching, creative writing, and charity work, Capps probably spends more hours working when he's unemployed than most of us would working two jobs.

Epic issued the following statement regarding Capps' departure from the studio.

Mike Capps is retiring from his role as president of Epic Games to take on the ultimate boss battle of fatherhood and spend more time with his family. He will continue to serve on Epic's board of directors and advise on the development of our games. We thank Mike for the 10 years he's spent leading our studio, implementing practices that enable us to create amazing games and technology, and making Epic one of the best places to work.

As yet, there is no word on who will be taking over as President at Epic Games.

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