Fan Demand Could Produce Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Pack

| 6 Feb 2013 12:32

Square Enix isn't averse to collecting all three FFXIII games if fans really want it.

Once the action-oriented Lightning Returns is finished, Final Fantasy XIII will exist as a bona fide trilogy (we hear those are all the rage these days). The bad news is that by time all is said and done, the three FFXIII installments will be separated by four years or so. In terms of tracking down videogames, that can be a long time. Enter the "trilogy pack," which collects all three games for a reduced price. Will FFXIII get one? According to Square Enix, the answer is a resounding "maybe," if fans really, really want it.

First things first: If Final Fantasy XIII does get the trilogy treatment, it won't be until well after the release of its final installment. "We are currently devoting all of our efforts to Lightning Returns," says Motomu Toriyama, the game's director. "Although we would certainly like to give it some consideration - if there were a big enough demand from the fans." Toriyama did not specify exactly how Square Enix would catalog fan demand, although the standard channels would probably apply: online forums, e-mail, petitions, social media, carrier pigeon, or however else folks choose to get in touch with game developers.

The first obvious question here is, "Who needs a Final Fantasy XIII trilogy pack?" The drop-off of people who bought the first game to the second was steep, and many hardcore series fans are inclined to buy each game at the time of release. Of course, if Toriyama really wants to gauge fan interest in such a project, he might just let a hint drop into the games journalism sphere and watch the reaction. Just saying.

Source: VG247

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