Community Spotlight: MrSundayToSunday

| 27 Feb 2013 14:30

It takes guts to share your content on the internet. You put your ideas, opinions, and heart out there, and while that can be extremely rewarding, you also open yourself up to the possibility of flaming, bashing, and a lot of other things that aren't at all pleasant. This is especially true when you happen to make videos about Star Wars, a film that so many have a deep and emotional attachment to.

Today's Community Spotlight features MrSundayToSunday, a guy that wants to tell the world how to make a better Star Wars film. Check out a few examples of his work above and below if you're curious.

I was given the opportunity to have an interesting conversation with MrSundayToSunday. Here is what he had to say about his personal life, his videos, and his adoration for The Escapist.

How long have you been a member of The Escapist, and what about the site brought you here?

I've been a member since February 2011 though I've been visiting since around 2009. After coming back from overseas a friend showed a bunch of Zero Punctuation reviews that I thought were just incredible. And then from there I just started checking out anything and everything.

What is your favorite current Escapist feature?

At the moment I'm loving Movie Defence Force, it's a great concept for a show. Plus Jim saying that Alien 3 is the best Alien movie proves to me he's the best kind of crazy person.

What is your best memory that came from The Escapist's forums?

I love finding a post that has an incredibly well put together feature or review in it. One such post I remember vividly because I still enjoy his work was from was from Overusedname. He put together this incredible No More Heroes symbolism video...thing. If anyone hasn't seen it check it out, it's well worth the price of admission. Which is nothing.

You don't yet have a lot of posts on the site. Are you more of a lurker in general, or do you plan on getting more involved in the forum community?

I hate to admit it but I'm definitely more of a lurker. I only post things if I feel I have something important to say which I feel isn't that often, but I enjoy other peoples posts, in particular user reviews. I think I will get involved more, especially after this feature, starting with posting my "Making Star Wars Not Terrible" videos. The thing is though I don't want to be that guys who's constantly 'hey check out this video I made on my youtube channel.' Everyone hates that guy.

You have a lot of videos on YouTube. What keeps you motivated to keep making them?

I guess I enjoy how much people enjoy them if that makes sense. The subscribers I've got are just great and it's incredibly motivating when you put up a video and so many people say such nice things. I also find if I keep to a schedule it's easier to do, I'm pretty good at making sure I get one movie related video out at least every Sunday.

Do you have any tips for those aspiring to find an audience making YouTube videos?

The two biggest things are probably trying something at least slightly different each time in order to improve and updating consistently. People know to visit my channel on a Sunday (or possibly Thursday also depending how motivated I am that week) because I almost always have something new up. Also I try to respond to as many people as I can, this isn't always possibly because of the amount of feedback I sometimes get but I appreciate when someone takes the time to comment or PM me, so I figure I should let them know that. Oh also, don't be a dick to people, even if they are to you, just say something like 'thanks for the comment, stay awesome guy!'

What has your job experience been like? Any interesting stories?

My job experience has been all over the shop, I started at McDonalds when I was a teenager which I hated despite working with some terrific people before moving jobs to one of the most insane book stores that has ever existed. The whole shop was like a death trap with boxes piled precariously to the roof and stairs that would kill your Grandma if she looked at them. I remember one day in one of the many, many back rooms building a fort out of boxes complete with a throne which I then sat in for about a week eating ice cream and sleeping. I kinda feel bad about that now. I should probably go back and put some more hours in for free. That being said I was nearly killed about six times so I figure we're even.

In your free time, apart from browsing The Escapist, what do you do with yourself?

Pretty standard answer this but I enjoy movies, video games and I'm LOVING what's happening on television at the moment, I'm constantly trying to catch up on shows. We really are in a golden age of TV. I love having a drink with mates, I run a bit and I also enjoy building forts in book stores and then hiding out in them.

Do you have any pets? What are they and what are their names?

Alas no pets, I need to get a dog though, love dogs, Never met a dog that I didn't like. Except for all those dogs in my life that have bit me. They're all jerks.

Do you have a favorite game/movie/band/painting/etc. that you'd like more people to be aware of?

One of my all-time favourite movies is Danny Boyle's Sunshine, it's such an incredibly well constructed piece of cinema and it baffles me that it's not more popular. Also I'm really enjoying ordering graphic novels of eBay at the moment, just finished Mark Millar's Superior. That would make a great film. Just cast John Hamm. You're welcome Hollywood.

Where do you see yourself in five years' time? Do you have any goals that need fulfilling?

I would love to be able to produce something for the internet and get paid to do so, whether it be writing a column, or producing video's or whatever. I'm not even talking like a full time wage here, I'd be happy with about four bucks a month. That's the equivalent of eight dollars every two months. Imagine that!

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