The Last of Us Multiplayer Pits Survivor Against Survivor

| 4 Jun 2013 04:33

The survival game will appropriately feature two survival-based multiplayer modes.

The Last of Us is making waves with it's unique survival based story (and a strong, non-sexualized female sidekick! Shock horror!) but its multiplayer is shaping up to also be quite interesting. The game will feature two multiplayer modes: Survivor and Supply Raid. Survivor looks to be your traditional deathmatch style MP, except players only have one life and the emphasis is on 'outlasting' your opponents rather than run-and-gun Counter-Strike-like skirmishes. Supply Raid is a co-operative mode where players share a pool of 20 lives, and must eliminate NPC factions while collecting supplies for your group.

In Supply Raid, supplies that you collect can be converted into weapon and armor upgrades for your group. As you have a very limited set of lives, the game should become a delicate balance of scavenging enough supplies to keep up with your opponents while not being so reckless that you lose too many lives. Players will have to make good use of the "marking" and "listen" system in both modes, to properly and stealthily engage their opponents. The "marking" system is a way of marking enemies so you can track them later, while the "listen" system has been compared to Batman: Arkham Asylum's detective mode.

You can see a gallery of screenshots from both modes below:

Players will be able to fully customize their appearance, outfit and equipment in both multiplayer modes. Naughty Dog has promised an impressive selection of loadout options for players, as well as the ability to craft new weapons and tools while in-game. Exactly how, if at all, the multiplayer ties into the singleplayer story is yet to be discovered.

The Last of US comes out on June 14, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Source: Game Informer

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