Remember Me Launch Trailer Proves Appropriately Futuristic

| 4 Jun 2013 15:01

Capcom's latest action title Remember Me is now on store shelves and to celebrate the company has released a stylish, slick launch trailer.

Here's the premise for Remember Me (a game we reviewed mere hours ago): There's a monopolistic company that's made its fortune by monetizing human memories in a futuristic world where apparently things like that are possible. This leads to all kinds of problems for the game's protagonist, and the entire thing feels like a succinct mashup of Orwell's 1984, Mirror's Edge and Asura's Wrath. That description alone is enough to sell me on the game, but for those who need a bit of extra encouragement, Capcom has issued a brand new trailer for the title, in commemoration of its retail debut.

That'd be the vignette you see embedded at top-right, and as you'd expect it's chock-full of telltale signs that this is indeed the future. Inexplicable floating icons? Check. Worryingly clean streets? Check. Minor pockets of detritus which indicate that the squeaky clean world isn't quite as wonderful as it first appears? Double check. I'd describe the whole thing as cliché, but somehow that doesn't feel entirely accurate. Instead, the trailer simply nails each of the expected tropes we'd hope to find in a video of this type, and it does so in such a simple, straightforward manner, that we can't really fault its creators for having crafted a launch trailer of this sort. The game simply doesn't lend itself to anything else.

If you like what you see in that clip, you can rush out to your gaming store of choice and pick up a copy of Remember Me right this very moment. It's available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC platforms, so unless you're one of those people who refuses to buy anything but Nintendo hardware, you should be able to find an iteration of Remember Me that works with your gaming machine of choice.

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