Crimson Dragon Announced as Xbox One Exclusive

| 10 Jun 2013 15:02

The new dragon combat game will be directed by Panzer Dragoon-creator, Yukio Futatsugi.

While some technical difficulties robbed the initial reveal of any audio, Microsoft's E3 presentation nonetheless unveiled Crimson Dragon, a new on-rails shooter being developed and directed by Yukio Futatsugi, the creator of Panzer Dragoon and Phantom Dust. Crimson Dragon, much like it's Dragoon forebear, will give gamers the opportunity to take to the skies as a dragon riding warrior on a thus far unexplained quest to blow stuff up.

The trailer (now available with sound!) showed off what looks to be some fun arcade-style action pitting you and your dragon mount against a variety of creatures and enemies based in a slew of unique and colorful environments. The trailer also showed off several different dragon mounts, suggesting that players will have some choices as to which beast they bring to battle. It certainly doesn't look to be an overly complicated game, with its focus firmly on the whole "fly forward and shoot anything in your path" shtick, but looks can deceiving and it will likely be a welcome boon to gamers still reeling from the abysmal Lair on the PS3.

Though no release date was unveiled for Crimson Dragon, it will be exclusive to the Xbox One, giving Microsoft's new console another lure to help draw in gamers.

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