Final Fantasy Versus XIII Becomes Final Fantasy XV

| 10 Jun 2013 23:10

Confirming previously denied rumors, Square Enix unveiled a new trailer that re-branded Versus XIII as Final Fantasy XV.

Square Enix has been less than punctual with updates when it comes to Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Originally announced in 2006 as a companion to the now long complete (and sequal-ized) Final Fantasy XIII, it's been in development for the better part of a decade now, leaving many to fear that it would never see a release. To quell these fears, Square Enix used Sony's E3 press conference to unveil a fresh trailer showing off new gameplay and, more importantly, re-branding Versus XIII as Final Fantasy XV.

In addition to confirming rumors that Square Enix had previously debunked, the new trailer shed light on new story details and showed off the game's combat. The story bits showed off competing political factions seemingly intent on wiping out the Lucis family that Noctis, the game's protagonist, hails from. Their motivation, as with many a Final Fantasy villain, are crystals that Noctis' family assumedly controls.

The trailer also showed off a lot of gameplay which looked fairly faithful to some of the CGI action we'd been shown in the past. Noctis appears to be fairly maneuverable and equipped with teleportation abilities that aid in his execution of powerful melee and magic attacks. If the trailer is accurate, players may be able to partake in the same sorts of flashy action promised by previous peeks at the game. Final Fantasy XV will be released on PlayStation 4.

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