See Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay In All Its Glory

| 14 Jun 2013 09:00

Half an hour's worth of heroics, plus voice actor confirmation.

The last few times we've seen anything of Batman: Arkham Origins, it hasn't featured gameplay, but this time out you're going to get a ton of bombs, patrols, new villains, martial artists ... everything that makes Batman fun, and a few more things besides. If you're wondering who's the voice behind that mask, Roger Craig Smith - aka Ezio from Assassin's Creed - is the Dark Knight, while BioShock: Infinite's Booker de Witt (Troy Baker), possibly having drunk one too many Vigors, will be the Joker this time out. Mark Hamill's a tough act to follow; here's hoping Baker has it in him to be as good. Though he does seem to have Hamill's touch pretty much nailed, as you'll see here. If the actual gameplay is all you're after, then you can stop after about 17 minutes in, as the remainder of the video is trailer plus a Q&A.

Batman: Arkham Origins takes the Dark Knight back to a much earlier stage in his career, when he was just a couple years into the whole cape-and-cowl shenanigans. Several old friends make their reappearance, Bane and Deadshot among them, but there's some new faces too, like Black Mask. The change in Dark Knight voice actors was deliberate, say the developers. "We went through an exhaustive casting process," said Eric Holmes, "and we really wanted to find someone who represented that young, raw, angry Batman." Meanwhile Troy Baker, the new Joker, is a huge Hamill fan, who understands what the iconic Joker means to the fans.

This one's due out for PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PC in October 2013.

Source: Games HQ Media

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