Saints Row: The Third, Gods Eater Burst Join Free PS Plus Titles

| 17 Jun 2013 18:00
Saints Row The Third 6

Two new titles join the PlayStation Plus Instant Games Collection tomorrow, Saints Row: The Third and Gods Eater Burst.

That's the news, and now for explanations of what all of that means.

Those of you with PlayStation Plus subscriptions should already be aware that this entitles you to download and play a certain selection of games absolutely free of charge. Exactly which games you can enjoy gratis is constantly-changing, as Sony updates the list every few weeks, adding a few new titles here and removing a few older ones there.

Come June 18 we receive the PlayStation 3 incarnation of Saints Row: The Third, and the Vita's Gods Eater Burst.

The former you should know as a wildly over-the-top, open world sandbox action title. Something like Grand Theft Auto, only instead of homages to Scorsese films, Saints Row: The Third features weaponized sex toys. There's no mature, wholesome way to describe it, but if you haven't played the game and own a PlayStation 3, you really should click through the PlayStation Store to pick the thing up.

Gods Eater Burst, in turn, is far more obscure action title from Namco Bandai. The game originally debuted on the PSP in 2011, and while it's certainly a passable, overtly Japanese adventure, there's little of obvious merit to recommend buying the thing. Luckily that's not really a problem now that it's being offered up for free, is it?

While the biggest news here is obviously the new additions to the Instant Game Collection, it's important to remember that this update also removes titles from the Collection. Specifically Vanquish and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend. You have until June 25 to download either of those games, and each will continue to function until you delete it from your Sony device of choice.

If your interest in Sony's PlayStation Plus initiative has been piqued by all of this, you can find full info on how to sign up for the service by visiting the Sony Entertainment Network.


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