Sony Says They've Won a Battle, Not the War

| 18 Jun 2013 00:31
PS4 Teaser

E3 may have been a victory for the PS4, but Sony isn't about to get complacent.

At this point it's pretty clear that Sony gained some serious leverage over Microsoft at this year's E3, winning over a massive number of gamers and causing more than a few Xbox fans to jump ship. While the gamers of the internet are already hailing Sony as the victor of the next generation, the PlayStation bosses aren't so short-sighted as to think they're in the clear. Sony Computer Entertainment UK bigwig Fergal Gara acknowledges that E3 was "one good day," and there's still a long way to go.

"Winning is determined by a much longer timescale," Gara says. "We were very pleased with how our messages went down at E3. We aim to be the best for gamers, and this was a key step in that direction. E3 is important for early momentum and generating pre-orders. But it is only one step along. We feel we had a good day but there is loads more hard work to do, and we are focused on that."

It's refreshing to see that the company's success at E3 isn't going to its collective head. Rather than ride out the positive PR from its press event, Sony seems to be buckling down to make sure they follow through on their promises. "If we want to be more successful," says Gara, "we have to earn it."

Source: MCV

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