Ken Levine to Write Logan's Run Screenplay

| 18 Jun 2013 15:40
Logan's Run Poster

The creator of Bioshock will make his mark on the remake of 1970s classic.

Ken Levine, creator of Irrational Games' Bioshock franchise, has been tapped by Warner Bros. to pen the screenplay for its remake of the classic sci-fi film Logan's Run. For the un-initiated, the original film, released in 1976 and based off of a 1967 novel by the same name, takes place in a dystopian society where everyone is subjected to mandatory executions at age thirty to control the population. If its title didn't fill you in, the film follows the titular Logan (played by Michael York) and his exploits as he tries to flee his turn at the headsman's block.

While Levine's involvement in the film might seem a bit odd to fans who only know him from his work in videogames, he actually started out as a screenwriter before working in the games industry. He will, of course, maintain his role at Irrational Games while he writes Logan's Run. Levine himself will be the latest of several creative minds to try and make their mark on the film. Warner Bros. has been working for some time to put this remake together and, in the past, it has been handled by the likes of X-Men director Bryan Singer and, most recently, Nicolas Winding Refn, the filmmaker behind Drive.

How Levine's influence will shape the film will have to be seen. That said, something tells us he'll be a good fit for the project. Somehow we can just see him doing well with the whole "lone outcast fighting against an extreme dystopian society" shtick.

Source: Deadline

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