PS4 Gets Round Of Late Night Applause For Used Game Policies

| 20 Jun 2013 09:00

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon spends some time with Sony's Mark Cerny.

"The big story that everyone's talking about," Fallon interjects at about 1.14, "is that this system is the only one where you can still play used games." That, and the PS4's internet policy gets a big round of applause from the Late Night audience, applause which might have helped tip the scales over at Microsoft, prompting it to change its Xbone policies. Microsoft's big pitch was always to the mainstream; if even Jimmy Fallon's audience wasn't on board with Microsoft's policies, you have to wonder who would have been.

In other news, Knack looks like it could be fun, in a cheerful knockabout kinda way. "It's sort of Crash Bandicoot meets Katamari Damacy, says Sony's Mark Cerny. You play as Knack, a creature created in a lab who gains abilities from the crystals he encounters, defending humanity from attacking goblins.

The PS4's due out for the 2013 holiday season, priced at $399. Even with the recent Xbone reversal, the $100 price difference is still a significant hurdle. Sony knows it can't afford to be complacent; come holiday 2013, we'll see how the new consoles fare in head-to-head sales.

Source: Late Night YouTube

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