Insomniac Games Unveils New "When Worlds Collide" Teaser

| 10 Jul 2013 14:00
Heroes Return teaser image

Yesterday a mysterious picture bearing the phrase "When Worlds Collide" hit the 'net. Today a new image joins it, and things are slowly starting to come into focus.

Sony's official PlayStation Twitter account and its Facebook account both posted a picture yesterday that read simply "When Worlds Collide" above an image of a star's light cresting over what appears to be a planet, moon or some other celestial body. At the time all we had to go on was speculation and the timing of the teaser image, but today things look a bit different.

This morning the official Insomniac Games Twitter account posted another image, which appears to be a sequel of sorts to the first teaser. The new picture can be found embedded at right, and as you can see it offers a few additional useful details. As you can see, that light wasn't coming from a star, but is instead being generated by some kind of portal. The celestial body seems to have been removed for this shot, giving us a full view of the portal, and the words "Heroes Return" has been added to the existing text.

Most intriguing however, is that this latest teaser comes from Insomniac Games. A few of our readers guessed that this might be a coy way to announce a Jak & Daxter/Ratchet & Clank crossover title, and given Insomniac's involvement, the amount of time since we last saw a proper sequel from either franchise, and the apparently interstellar theme, that guess seems more and more likely to be a realistic explanation of whatever Sony and Insomniac are slowly revealing here.

Of course, that's still speculation. We won't really know what this game is going to be until Sony or Insomniac opt to lay all their cards on the table. Just as soon as that happens, expect us to bring you all the necessary details. Stay tuned.

(And yes, I'm as bummed as you are that this isn't a game based on the exploits of Powerman 5000. I bet they have all kinds of rad adventures.)

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