Tokyo Jungle Spin-Off Hits PlayStation Mobile

| 10 Jul 2013 14:29
Tokyo Jungle Mobile screenshot

Quirky action survival title Tokyo Jungle expands to PlayStation Mobile with a game that seeks to mimic its PlayStation 3 predecessor only with more strategic elements.

Tokyo Jungle will go down in history as one of my favorite games released during this console generation. Sure, it's no big-budget, triple-A production, but the game is so weird and creative that I can't help but love it. Pomeranians fighting against velociraptors among the ruins of dystopian Tokyo? How can you not love that premise? It's just too bad that Tokyo Jungle is so quirky and out there that the odds of it ever receiving a proper sequel are slim to none.

Still, Sony realizes that the game has fans, and as a result the company has decided to throw us a bone. A bone shaped like Tokyo Jungle, but adapted for the PlayStation Mobile line of smaller, more experimental games. Thus, Tokyo Jungle Mobile is a very recognizable off-shoot of Tokyo Jungle, but as you can see from that screenshot at top-right, all combat and interaction in the game takes place on a grid, transforming the real-time survival aspects of the franchise into something not unlike a strategy game.

Interesting, no? With this jarring a gameplay shift, you can't really get a good feel for how Tokyo Jungle Mobile plays until you've seen it in action. Fortunately, Sony fan site recently posted a gameplay video taken from the retail release of Tokyo Jungle Mobile that lays out the basics quite nicely. We urge you to watch the clip (or at least skip around until you find something there that looks intriguing).

How do you get your hands on Tokyo Jungle Mobile? That's pretty simple. Just take your PlayStation Mobile-certified device (most likely a PlayStation Vita handheld or approved Android gadget), visit the Sony Entertainment Network and download the game from the PlayStation Mobile section. It features a $3 price tag, so even if you hate the game, you won't be out much cash.


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