The Console Wars Go Musical in a West Side Story Send Up

| 11 Jul 2013 05:25

The group AVByte has produced a hilarious musical number where dueling gangs of gamers fight to prove which console is top dog.

When you get down to it, the console wars are a silly affair. It's a conflict of hype, where people rally behind corporate entities that only really care about getting consumers to buy their products. It's a battle that, at the end of the day, is as redundant as the Jets versus the Sharks in West Side Story. Perhaps seeing the parallel pointlessness, the folks over AVbyte have put together a short musical skit to help convey the silliness of it all.

Drawing directly on the visual and audio motifs of the Bernstein and Sondheim musical, "PS4 VS Xbox One- Console Wars the Musical" envisions two gangs of gamers duking it out a la song and dance. They go back and forth, singing about the various merits of the Xbox One and PS4 (while ignoring the poor Wii U entirely). Punctuating the musical duel are the clear Tony and Maria of the show, who lovingly sing about the merits of PC gaming. Hilariously, as the battle between the Xbox One and PS4 fanboys escalate, it's the gentle call to "Play on PC" that brings both sides together and eventually ends the conflict. After all, at the end of the day even console devotees have to admit that Steam sales are pretty fantastic. Overall, while the video is clearly played for laughs, it still a good job of highlighting the fact that we're all gamers and, instead of fighting, we'd probably be better off to just enjoying what we enjoy.

Source: YouTube

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