Saints Row IV Had to Drop Bollywood Dance Number Ending

| 20 Jul 2013 23:34

Saints Row IV creative director Steve Jaros talks about the pain of having to cut ambitious ideas.

Saints Row IV is the kind of game where you play as the President of the United States of America, wield a "Dubstep Gun" gun, and save the world from anal-probing aliens. So when I hear that the game's original ending featured a three minute Bollywood-style song and dance number, i'm not entirely surprised. Volition creative director Steve Jaros tells a Comic-Con panel about why the number had to get the ax.

"It was on our schedule, and we were trying to do it the right way" Jaros said, telling us that Volition was looking at choreography and searching high and low for "the right Bollywood song" to license. Ultimately, despite the team's enthusiasm, the number had to be scrapped when the Saints Row IV motion capture team detailed the cost and complexity of adding the song and dance gag. "Time kills jokes, is what it boils down to," he said.

Other cut content included a flying, fire-breathing dragon, which was also given the chop due to cost and time restraints.

"The stars didn't line up," Jaros said of the Bollywood dance, but assured Comic-Con attendees that "the spirit of the Bollywood dance number happens [at the end] and it is poetry in motion. It is so good."

For those of you worrying that Saints Row IV won't appeal to your artistic side, Jaros also revealed that the game's in-game radio will feature enemy alien Emperor Zinyak reading monologues from Shakespeare plays and the entire first chapter of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Saints Row IV is currently due out for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on August 20.

Source: Polygon

Image: Curry Culture

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