Humans vs Zombies Returns for Expo 2013

| 24 Jul 2013 15:40
HvZ Expo 2013

With last year's last-second zombie victory, humanity has something to prove at Expo 2013.

Do you fancy yourself a zombie survivalist? Perhaps you're eager to see the zombie apocalypse succeed? Well, thanks to Humans vs Zombies, you'll have your chance to test your mettle and fulfill your ambitions in a real life zombie scenario at Expo 2013 on October 4, 5, and 6, right here in Durham, NC. Last year saw well over a hundred participants shambling after brains to try to infect the last survivor, and tossing socks to temporarily halt the unremitting tide of zombies. This year, we'd like to see even more bandana-clad players duking it out at the Expo, so get registered, load up your Nerf gun of choice, and prepare to hold the line all weekend long.

In case you're not familiar with Humans vs Zombies (HvZ,) the premise is as such: Once the first batch of volunteers has signed up, everybody gets a bandana and Patient Zero is selected. Humans will tie the bandana around their arm to indicate that they're still breathing, while zombies will tie it about their head (or a reasonable facsimile) to indicate that they are among the ranks of the undead. Since brains are significantly harder to get to than movies make them out to be, and the related damage tends to be permanent, there is a simple "tag" system to turn a human into a zombie. Humans aren't without their own arsenal, however, and a shot from a Nerf gun or a balled up (fresh) sock tossed at an oncoming zombie will force them to pause for a few moments allowing the human an opportunity to escape.

At the end of the event, if there are any humans left standing, humanity is considered to have "won." Alternately, if the zombies take over, and convert the last remaining human to their mindless brain-eating cause, the zombies will win.

Sound like fun? Check out the HvZ website for more information. Get registered for Expo 2013 now, and get ready to live through (or die trying) the zombie apocalypse!

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