World Zombination Invites You to Eat Your Friends' Brains

| 17 Aug 2013 22:27

World Zombination takes a look at the zombie apocalypse from a less common perspective - the zombies'.

Zombie uprisings are pretty played-out at this point, but it isn't often that we can try our hand at playing plaguelord and directing the spread of the infection ourselves. Proletariat Inc. aims to scratch that itch with World Zombination, an asymmetric multiplayer strategy game pitting humans against ex-humans, where each faction offers a different gameplay experience. Players on the side of the Survivors control small bands of intrepid heroes stemming the undead tide, while Infected players command massive hordes of assorted zombies with the goal of infecting every corner of the globe.

World Zombination is the first major release from Proletariat, a team of industry veterans who banded together after the fall of Zynga Boston. "This is the sort of game we love to play," says Proletariat CEO Seth Sivak. "With World Zombination, we've come up with fun and unique gameplay that real-time strategy gamers will find refreshing." As a large-scale strategy game, expect less running and gunning and more coordinated planning between players to control a shifting world map.

None of that fun and unique gameplay has actually been shown just yet, but there's still plenty of time before the game's 2014 release. Proletariat is developing World Zombination for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, with a focus on bringing gaming quality to mobile devices as well as more traditional platforms.

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