Vita Prices Slashed at Best Buy

| 19 Aug 2013 05:54
Best Buy Vita Discount

Best Buy has dropped the price of both the Wi-Fi and 3G versions of the Vita to $200.

A few days back the retail chain Target announced it would be cutting $50 off the price of its PlayStation Vitas, effectively giving the handheld the price drop countless gamers have been waiting for. Now, Best Buy has also lowered its own Vita prices, reducing both the Wi-Fi and 3G versions of the portable to $200 each. While this cut was an independent move on Best Buy's part, it would arguably lend further credence to speculation that Sony has a new price drop announcement in the works for its August 20th GamesCom conference.

Gamers interested in taking advantage of Best Buy's Vita deal may want to invest in the 3G bundle (only available in stores). Despite being the same price as its Wi-Fi only sibling, the 3G version comes packaged with an 8GB memory card and an offer for a free PSN came, though the latter apparently expired in May 2012. Nonetheless, considering how expensive the Vita's proprietary memory is, snagging an 8GB card, essentially for free, is about as good of a deal as you're get on a Vita currently. The fact that it comes with that extra 3G functionality doesn't hurt either.

8GB can run out fast however, which is why you might also want to take advantage of another ongoing Best Buy deal. The 32GB Vita memory card, usually priced at hefty $99.99, is currently 20 percent off. In turn, if you were to buy the Vita's 3G bundle and a 32GB memory card you'd be walking away with the handheld and 40GB of memory for $280, a mere $30 more than the Vita's current standard $250 price tag. Then again, you may also want to just wait a day and see what Sony has in store for GamesCom. Perhaps it has an even better deal in the works.

Source: Best Buy via Joystiq

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