Borderlands 2 Short Film Drops Later This Week

| 26 Aug 2013 18:45
Borderlands 2 short film teaser 1

Borderlands 2 will be getting another animated short film very soon - though from the screenshot teasers, we have no idea what it's about.

The folks at Gearbox Software make games, but they also seem to really enjoy making animated short films. The developer teased via Twitter that another homebrewed video will be hitting the web sometime this week. Gearbox's last short film, titled Krieg: A Meat Bicycle Built for Two, heralded the launch of Borderlands 2's sixth playable character. At this point in time the developer has released all its planned DLC, so this new video could just be for fun, or it could mark the announcement of something else entirely.

The two screens of the video that have been teased so far show a few familiar faces. Well, okay, there aren't exactly any faces visible, but familiar outfits. The first image appears to be Brick and Tiny Tina in captivity, and the second looks like Maya confronting some bad guys. Then again, bags cover Brick's and Tina's faces, and Maya has her back turned, so I wouldn't rule out the possibility that some villain accidentally captured their stunt doubles.

Gearbox announced a partnership with the Academy of Art earlier this year, which will culminate in a student-produced short film set in the Borderlands world. However, Gearbox's Adam Fletcher has mentioned that this video is unrelated to that initiative, and was produced in-house. Keep your eyes peeled for the video's release in the next few days.

Source: Twitter

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