Fallout: Lanius Fan Film Shows the Legate's Rise to Power

| 27 Aug 2013 18:48

Fallout: Lanius is one year and nearly $20,000 in the making, and now it's ready.

Something about Fallout inspires some really great fan films. Nuka Break comes to mind, but there's a new contender for the Fallout fan film throne now - Fallout: Lanius. The production was funded through IndieGogo, raising over $19,000 for the 19 minute video. Lanius, as the title might imply, follows the final boss of New Vegas in his rise from an isolated tribal warrior to the nightmare who would be known as the Monster of the East.

The IndieGogo campaign raised nearly twice its target goal, and the budget shows in the excellent props. Anyone who's played New Vegas will recognize the weapons and armor as spot on, from the Caesar's Legion uniforms to the tribal camps of Arizona to a certain surprise appearance after the credits. The acting isn't going to win an Emmy, but it's nothing if not authentic: New Vegas voice actor Mitch Lewis reprises his role as Lanius, and the narration at the beginning and end of the film is pulled straight from the game's audio files. The story also lines up with Fallout lore down to the smallest details of Lanius's origin story.

If you've got twenty minutes to spare, it's always interesting to see talented fans try their hand at contributing to game worlds like Fallout. In particular, Caesar's Legion doesn't get much screen time in fan works or even the game itself compared to other factions. Just be ready for the blood.

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