Human Skull, Morning Star Among TSA Confiscations in 2013

| 27 Jan 2014 18:23
morning star

The TSA's collection of confiscated items for 2013 includes replicas, oddities, and a plethora of bladed weapons.

On friday the Transporation Security Administration released selected pictures and stats of their massive haul of confiscated items for 2013. Along with the nearly 1,500 loaded firearms that people inexplicably thought it was a good idea to pack in their carry-on luggage, the TSA displays a smorgasbord of melee weapons, inert rounds and oddities. Some of these are worrisome, such as non-metallic knives and spikes designed to go through metal detectors, others are harmless (although foolish to try and take on a plane), and others are just plain fun, like the fully functional morning star, the human skull fragments in pottery (the owners claimed they didn't know about them), or the hot pink, takedown bow, perfect for any spandex wearing rooftop assassin.

Other categories of interest include: An array of bladed weapons ranging from mundane knives, to shuriken, to all manner of disguised knives, including a surprising number of cane swords, and 136 inert, novelty, or replica grenades (plus a few live ones), along with inert items such as RPGs, artillery rounds, dummy land-mines, and a suicide vest. According to the TSA, "The problem with these types of items is that we don't know if they are real, toys or replicas until we call out the explosive experts." At any rate, if you didn't know that the TSA wasn't going to have a sense of humor about this sort of thing Dear Reader, now you do.

Source: TSA

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