New Ouya Model Features Updated Controller, 16GB Drive

| 31 Jan 2014 14:28
New Ouya 2014

The latest version of the Android platform features several improvements for the cost of $130.

The creators of Ouya, the Android gaming platform, have released a new version of the console for sale now at their official website for $129.99. The new, matte black Ouya features an updated controller, which offers a "faster response" and "better buttons" over the older model, according to Polygon.

The new console itself benefits from a 16 gigabyte hard drive and "boosted wi-fi connectivity" as well as the latest version of the Ouya firmware. The previous version of the hardware can still be purchased for $99.

Ouya had previously announced plans to not only ship a new version of their console in 2014 but to also roll out annual hardware updates. "We're not a traditional gaming company that comes out every six or seven years with a new console," said Ouya founder Julie Uhrman in an October interview with Polygon. "We made it very clear that we're going to have a yearly refresh on the product, that we're going to continue to improve the performance, leveraging components that are on the market."

Earlier this month, Ouya co-founder Muffi Ghadiali announced his decision to leave the company.

Source: Ouya via Polygon

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