Saint's Row Clothing Line Announced

| 31 Jan 2014 16:10
Saints Jacket Insert Coin

Polos, jackets, t-shirts and leggings will be available later this year, all adorned with images of Steelport's top gang.

Publisher Deep Silver has partnered with clothing designer Insert Coin to create a line of clothes inspired by its Saint's Row franchise. "Volition are thrilled that Insert Coin Clothing have added Saints inspired clobber to their range. We can't wait to dub-test it to ensure the garments live up to the strain of saving the planet" said Jim Boone, Senior Producer for Saint's Row developer Volition, in a post on Insert Coin's website.

"Everyone on the Insert Coin team is a long-term fan of the franchise and we've spent a lot of time on the mean streets of Steelport," wrote Dan Long, head of communication for Insert Coin. "We're so excited and we're so proud to show you all the designs we have in store - expect a LOT of purple!"

True to his word, purple is the main color on display in the line. While designs are not yet final, they currently include hoodies and jackets adorned with the Saint's emblem and a "Saint's Flow" energy drink T-shirt. For the more professional types, a polo is being designed with the namesake of Saint's member Johnny Gat stenciled across the sleeve.

And for fans of sadistic feline Professor Genki, there are concept sketches of the adorable mass murderer appearing on both T-shirts and leggings. Why you'd want him near your vital organs is beyond me, but fashion demands sacrifices of us all, I suppose.

Insert Coin expects the line to launch in early 2014, with more details announced soon. The company has previously made officially licensed clothing for games including Resident Evil, Mass Effect and DMC: Devil May Cry.

Source: Insert Coin via MCV

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