Starbound Dev: We Want to Protect Indies From "Predatory Publishers"

| 5 Feb 2014 01:38

Starbound developer Chucklefish is working on expanding its publishing operation to offer office space to struggling indies.

You may not know this, but Starbound developer Chucklefish is actually a publisher, and it is publishing more than just the one game. Stardew Valley, Halfway, Treasure Adventure World and Wanderlust Adventures are some of the other indie titles it is helping to publish, and in a blog post today, co-founder Tiy says there's more where that came from. "We'd like to progress more in [the publishing space] and assist indie developers make their games profitable without giving away huge percentages of their income away to predatory publishers," said Tiy.

Tiy went on to say that Chucklefish was planning on opening a few more office spaces in the near future, and intends to provide some temporary office space for the developers of games it publishes and assists with.

Alongside this announcement, Tiy also announced that the company would soon be producing a second game along side Starbound, with an entirely new development team. "At the moment we're still in the stage where we're kicking around ideas, one that keeps popping up is a top down, open world, multiplayer pirate game," he said. He also assured fans that this would in no way slow down the development of Starbound.

Finally, Tiy outlined some upcoming changes to the Starbound, detailing how progression, end game, pvp, mods and the new "Director Mode" will work when the game finally gets out of beta. He added that due to a recent optimization update, beta updates should happen a lot more frequently - think several times a week instead of once every one or two weeks.

Source: Starbound Home Page

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