Amazing Spider-Man 2's Green Goblin Revealed at Toy Fair

| 19 Feb 2014 15:50

A character bust shown off at the New York Toy Fair has given its first glimpse The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Green Goblin.

One of the biggest problems with the original Sam Raimi Spider-Man was the Green Goblin. Not Willem Dafoe, mind you. I always thought he was a good pick for the dual role of Norman Osborn. That said, the film's version of his villainous alter ego was just head-to-toe ridiculous. With the reboot of the franchise however, many comic fans harbored hopes that the character might come across as a tad less silly the second time around. If a recently revealed bust from the New York Toy Fair is any indicator however, Spidey devotees may be in for some disappointment when the movie hits theaters later this year.

While the bust revealed at the Toy Fair only shows the character from the waist up, I'm going to go ahead and say that it already looks goofier than Dafoe's get-up from the 2002 film. With his version you could at least discern some method to the madness. I could at least visualize why they thought it was a good idea. With this one it basically looks like they spiked actor Dane Dehaan's hair, slapped a big nose on him and gave him combat gear with a few random green patches to justify the name.

Now, to be fair, the Green Goblin is a character that probably is kind of hard to adapt to film. As silly as past (and now current) renditions have been, it would be even sillier to try and translate the original comic version verbatim. Even so, looking at the new Goblin, I feel safe in saying that this isn't much better. What do you think? Does this version work for you? Or is this another case of Hollywood missing the mark?

Source: io9

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