Inception Inspired Board Game, Inceptor, Hits Kickstarter

| 25 Feb 2014 17:12

A board game based on the movie Inception has hit Kickstarter under the tacit approval of Warner Brothers.

While you may expect an unlicensed board game based entirely on the movie Inception to be hit with a cease and desist, Warner Brothers has indirectly given the developers the green-light. With a Kickstarter campaign that has recently begun, Inceptor is a game in which players enter the dream world in order to plant an idea in a dreamer's mind.

Designed for 2-5 players, Inceptor tasks you with planting your idea and ensuring the dreamer carriers it out without recognizing any outside influence. Every player receives a card that designates their individual objectives, which can be completed by obtaining set amount of cards of specific colors. Once a player has successfully planted his idea, all players must escape the dream world before a timer runs out.

Developers Bruno Gervasi and Reid Cuddy say that they have been in contact with Warner Brothers, who had no objection to their board game, so long as they didn't call it Inception. Speaking with The Escapist, the duo explained that Inceptor has been in development for 14 months, and while it leans towards an American board game style, it does have European elements. "Players roll dice to move around and also draw random cards throughout the game," they said. "However, no player is ever knocked out of the game, so it has the inclusion feel of European games. Also, the winner of the game is not always apparent until after the game is resolved."

Gervasi and Cuddy drew inspiration from many games, including Solarquest, Gangster, and Scotland Yard. "Similar to [Scotland Yard], in Inceptor, there is a point in the game where a set number of turns remain for all players." With 44 days left to go, Inceptor's Kickstarter campaign has currently raised $9,000 of its $30,000 goal.

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