New BlazBlue Skips Xbox 360, Dev Says It'd be "An Inferior Version"

| 5 Mar 2014 01:26
BlazBlue - Astral Heat attack

BlazBlue producer Toshimichi Mori says the game would have to be compressed too much to fit on an Xbox 360 disc.

BlazBlue fans who have an Xbox 360 will be disappointed to learn that the latest installment in the series, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, will be skipping the console entirely, making it a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Producer Toshimichi Mori cites the Xbox 360's small disc size (Dual Layer DVD vs. the PS3's Blu-ray), as the main reason, as to fit the game on the disk would mean compressing it considerably, making for "an inferior version."

"If the Xbox 360 could increase its storage space by double then we could bring it there," Mori told Siliconera. "Chrono Phantasma doesn't fit on the disc. Basically, if you were to fit it on a disc you would have to compress it and the quality will go down and I was concerned that it would be an inferior version."

Obviously the PS Vita has even smaller storage than a Dual Layer DVD, so when Mori was asked how the Vita version was possible, he admitted to compression, something that's acceptable for a portable device, and less so for a home console.

"If you looked at the Vita version, you can see that the graphics have been compressed," he said. "The quality for Vita is acceptable for portable systems. But if you had a Vita quality game on a home console, personally I'd be upset. We're trying to make it to the best of our ability for a portable system."

As for seeing future BlazBlue titles on Microsoft's Xbox successor, the Xbox One, don't hold your breath. "We don't have any information on the Xbox One hardware. I'm curious if Xbox One will even come out in Japan," said Mori, lamenting the fact that "I've been asking people about it and not one person has given me a definitive answer."

Source: Siliconera

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