New Games Company Unspoken Tales Aims to Bring RPGs To Mobile

| 7 Mar 2014 17:00
Scott Foe

A new company founded by veteran game designers and programmers hopes to bring RPG adventures to mobile platforms.

If you're a fan of role-playing games from the the digital Diablo series to the pen and paper World of Darkness, but haven't been happy with the kind of gaming options that exist for your tablet or smart phone, then Unspoken Tales is the company for you. This brand new game company based out of Silicon Valley, California, is comprised of industry veterans from Activision, Google Play, and Kixeye, and hopes to bring more narrative-focused RPGs to the mobile gaming market.

We had the opportunity to speak to Scott Foe, former CCO of Big Head Mode and one of the founding members of Unspoken Tales, about the company's plan to bring new types of games to mobile platforms. Foe says that Unspoken Tales is focused on action role-playing games with a heavy social aspect, but instead of the more traditional model seen in your average MMO, the games will instead be about personalized characters and shared experiences with other players.

"For us, we feel that massively multiplayer leaves a massive hole for people who want to adventure with friends while at the same time feeling that their adventure has a strong, affected narrative." Foe explained in regards to the company's game-making goals. "There's no way to make a player feel special when he sees that twenty other knights who look the same as he does are helping the same farmer with the same wolves that he's about to kill. Our games will be intimate shared experiences, with characters and journeys that you and your friends will never forget."

In a market saturated with free-to-play and freemium titles, Unspoken Tales plans on directing its efforts on making games that appeal to both kinds of players - those who buy their mobile games and those who don't. "The payers and the non-payers are [our] community," said Foe, and Unspoken Tales hopes that by having everyone play together in a shared experience, they'll spread the word to their friends and thus help the community grow.

Unspoken Tales' first project is already underway, although Foe didn't want to spill the beans as to exactly what it will be. Suspense is important too!

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